You + us. Together, we’re a full stack.

Our story starts with a fading Southern industrial town daring to envision itself as the best mid-sized city in America.

To us, being the best meant integrating our city with nature. It meant attracting tourists by creating a place we’d gladly call home. It meant balancing environmental sustainability with economic vitality.

The Chattanooga Spirit is our spirit of collaboration embodied by public-private partnerships that anchor our success. It’s bootstrapping a fading manufacturing town back from the brink. It’s combining economic development with environmental stewardship; tourism with homegrown quality of life; and strong work ethic with a passion for playing just as hard when the work day is done.

Side stage at the Riverbend music festival
Side stage at the Riverbend music festival

How did we do it?

We got busy coding our future.

We addressed air pollution and other environmental challenges. We built the world’s largest freshwater aquarium and transformed our downtown riverfront with green spaces and public art.

We established America’s only community-wide 10-Gig Internet, the backbone of our work with entrepreneurs to develop tomorrow’s digital economy.

Today we pride ourselves on innovation, top quality talent, affordability, natural beauty and, most of all, the collaborative spirit that makes us an open source city.

Welcome to Chattanooga

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